Fire hydrant maintenance

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

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Fire hydrants are required to perform at their optimal process efficiency to extinguish fires and prevent any damage to infrastructure or to personnel. Thus, routine maintenance of fire hydrants is an incredibly important process to undertake.

The fire hydrant maintenance checklist would be dependent on factors of the use cases of the fire hydrant. This would typically include fire suppression, line flushing, or even backflow prevention requirements. Other use cases for fire hydrants would include commercial construction, water source points, and sewer cleaning.

A high-level overview of a fire hydrant maintenance checklist would extend to the following processes:

  • Ease of operation
  • High Flow capability
  • Hydraulic capability
  • Pressure flow requirements
  • Checking operational compliance such as color conformity and field coating
  • Checking the minimum clearance of direction from the fire hydrant
  • If the fire hydrant is equipped with safety chains, it would be beneficial to check that the chains are loose and do not bind to the cap
  • Lubricate the operating hydrant with grease fitting if required according to the instructions of the hydrant
  • Checking the leakage at the flanges, operating nut, and nozzle caps
  • Identifying any discoloration or debris from the water

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