Fire extinguisher

Safequip is a leading distributor of various types of fire extinguishers. We are passionate about delivering value and offering sustainable solutions to a multitude of industries and contexts.

This article will identify the different types of fire extinguishers and how to choose the right class. Safequip has a unique range of stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers that are suitable for A, B, or C class fires or a combination of ABC class fires. Depending on the type of class fire, it would be important to invest in the correct type of fire extinguisher.

To begin with, it would be important to categorize the different types of classes of fire. Class A fires include solid materials such as wood, fabric, or plastic. Class B fires would extend to liquids or gas such as gasoline or alcohol. Class C fires would derive from electrical failures in appliances, electronic equipment, and wiring. Class D fires would include metallic substances ranging from titanium, magnesium, and sodium as well as Class K fires that are derived from grease or oil fires from cooking.

  • DCP Safequip Fire Extinguishers – SANS 1910:2009 Certified
  • C02 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Extinguishers – SANS 1567 Certified
  • Trolley Extinguishing Units

Specialized types of fire extinguishers are also available from Safequip. Illustrative examples of these types of fire extinguishers would have different specifications such as wet chemical extinguishers that are ideal for restaurants and hotel kitchens for a broader spectrum of requirements.

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