Makmova Farm Effluent Pumps

Correct pump selection is critical for a reliable Farm effluent system and not all effluent pumps will be suitable . Special emphasis should be given to selecting pumps that are able to handle the solids content on the specific Farm without creating blockages or excessive wear. While the pump flow rate and pressure may initially seem easy to determine , a Davey Dealer can ensure your system is dimensioned correctly by including the appropriate safety factors to the design for the variation in the effluent consistency and wear and tear on the equipment.


Farm Effluent Pumps are robust, single stage, open impeller, self-priming centrifugal pumps driven by a direct coupled electric motor specifically designed for pumping liquids with solids in suspension. The Mukmova is ideal for pumping effluent water or water containing soft solids in suspension with it’s thick section cast iron pump body and large inspection port with quick release toggles. The semi vortex open vane impeller allows safe pumping of soft solids with little chance of blockage with flow rates up to 800 lpm and head up to 45 metres.

 Why choose Davey Mukmova Pumps?

  • Semi vortex open vane impeller
  • Solid cast iron casing and impeller
  • Mechanical seal is grease packed with grease nipple
  • Inspection cover held by two wing nuts
  • Choice of 240 / 480 volt single phase and 415 volt three phase, 50Hz models
  • Single phase models are capacitor start/capacitor run design
  • Automatic resetting motor overload in all single phase models
  • Oversized motor used, with ample power reserve
  • Davey manufactured TEFC, IP56 motor


Why choose Davey Jumbo Mukmova Pumps?

  • Robust cast iron casing with thick walls for longer pump life.
  • Open impeller design allows for high solids passage (up to 25x40mm) with little chance of blockage.
  • Internal armored volute plate made of nodular cast iron to resist the abrasive and corrosive action of liquids even with solids in suspension.
  • The armored volute plate is fixed to the casing without screws for fast and easy removal.
  • Self-priming action allows the pump to prime without the need to fill the pipe and to be operated without a foot value to reduce the risk of blockages.
  • Large priming and drain plugs for fast filling and draining of the pump casing.
  • Comes with companion flanges for easy installation of piping. 


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